Cat Daycare Services

From: $20.00

  • Supervised care in the day for your cat
  • 1.2m long undisturbed, Deluxe cabin
  • Fits cats as large as 113cm (head to tail)
  • Check-in from 10AM or 2PM
  • Chargeable at $20 for a 4 hour block

Accommodates an additional cat at $10 per block


Need someone to watch over kitty while you’re out or busy in the day? The Nekoya Cat Hotel is able to provide extra care for cats that require specialized care, such as for elderly cats who may require monitoring and application of medication while you aren’t home, or for young kittens who could do with human companionship and socialization during their formative weeks.

A maximum of 5 cabins are available at any one time for daycare clients. The daily price goes towards a private cabin for your cat to rest in. At your request, we are able to allow your cat out for play time in the day. 4 hour or 8 hour daycare blocks are available for booking. Guests not checked out by 6PM daily will incur a night’s boarding rate at $44 ++ per cat.

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