Extended Playtime


  • $15/60 minutes of fun time
  • Various choice of activities
  • Keeps your cat stimulated while you’re away
  • Flat price applies for cats belonging to the same household
  • Limited to 1 session per cat in a day

Note: To ensure that our caretakers are able to dedicate time to care for each guest, Extended Playtime is limited to 3 cats/day. As such, please enquire with our caretakers on availability before adding this item to cart.

We’ll let your cat out for a full hour of uninterrupted, free roam of our indoor play lounge on a single day of its stay. Your kitty will be treated to lovely sunbaths by our full-length bay windows, and be able to explore the Nekoya hotel. If more than one of your cats is lodging with us, we’ll let them out all at once so they can have each other for company, for the same flat fee!

If you would like for extended play time on more than one day, please adjust the quantity accordingly.


Why do we charge for Extended Playtime?

Hygiene is of utmost concern to us at the Nekoya cat hotel. To ensure that our indoor play lounge is safe and clean for your cat, we conduct a thorough sanitization of the area once before and after your cat is let out to play.

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