Private Hotel Viewings


  • Experience Nekoya @ Jalan Kayu privately
  • Meet our caretakers and understand our practices
  • Slots are available by appointment only, in 30 min blocks
  • Maximum of two guests allowed at any one time
  • You may bring up to two cats with you in their carriers

Please first ensure that cabins are available for your preferred dates of stay prior to viewing the hotel. 


Come and experience the Nekoya cat hotel for yourself. We warmly welcome private viewings and encourage prospective guests to make a trip over, so we can show you around the premises. This opportunity will also allow you to ask any questions you may have regarding our rates and/or practices.


  • Use the service lift and a secure crate for transportation of cats into the building
  • Ring the doorbell or knock if the door is locked
  • Contact us if you are unable to attend or would like to cancel your viewing

Do Not…

  • Bring ill or unvaccinated/unsterilized cats to the hotel
  • Bring children under the age of 12 years old

If you are unable to attend your viewing after placing a booking, we would like to hear from you at least 2 hours prior to us expecting you, so that we may cancel and release your viewing slot to another interested party. While we do not collect deposits for viewings, we regret that no-shows will be blacklisted and treated with lower priority in future interactions with the Nekoya Cat Hotel. This includes but does not limit itself to ineligibility for future discounts and promotions.

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